Something that really gets on my nerve is the cost we have to pay to get an education just to get a job that will pay enough that we don’t need multiple jobs to pay the bills.
I’m studying Hospitality Management, and I calculated at the end of this year when I’ve completed my course that I will end up $35000 in debt, which definitely doesn’t stress me out at all or anything ;-;

I swear I’ll end up paying it off for the rest of my life, Especially since the pay in the hospitality industry isn’t as good as what it should be. Now usually I’d be okay with the cost since everyone has to pay for the education. But what New Zealand introduced this year, so just one year late for me, was a fees-free first year at University. This means if I had taken even just a gap year, then I would’ve been able to get $13000 of my debt off since that’s one year of fees free.
If I had any say into what the government was doing, I would’ve said that they should’ve given the final year free for students as a congratulations on making it.

Now it’s really bad because I know I talk about money too much and I think it’s because it lowkey stresses me out being so much in debt and I may need to put my dreams on hold for a year or two so I can work on paying off as much of the loan as possible.
How does everyone else do it? Or how do you get into the sort of work where you do stuff online and get paid for it?