I’ve been in Melbourne for two whole weeks, coming into my third week now.  I love the city, the rush of the people from so many different ethnicities. I’ve explored the city quite a bit and I’m starting to find my way around with the need for a map, go me!

Work has been really good, only had 4 days so far but they’re already training me up to run my own section in the restaurant Which is really scary. I’m quite nervous about it actually.

I found a nice flat in a nice quiet suburb about a half hour train ride from the city. So it’s a long way to travel to work and back each day, but it’s worth it.  However yesterday I got lost.. big time.  Firstly I went on the tram that was going the wrong way, and then I ended up on the wrong number bus.. oops. I was meant to be meeting my friend for lunch at 1.30 pm, and I didn’t manage to get there until 3 pm. It was a nice lunch, and definitely a worth while adventure.

I like Melbourne, I kinda don’t want to go home. But I may say differently when it comes round to my birthday, my brothers 21st, and Christmas… Christmas is possibly going to be the worst since my family is big on the family gatherings at Christmas time. But I’ll have to do it sometime in the future, so why not now.

I’m hoping to be able to plan a trip to Sydney for 2 nights over my birthday. As a nice little present to myself. But I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford it at this stage. Maybe I’ll suggest it to my parents and ask if that can be as a birthday present. Maybe…

Thanks for reading 🙂 Sorry it was a bit of a rant type post.