Well, my life is getting a bit more sorted out now. My internship is confirmed, to be in Melbourne, starting on the 10th July. I’m hoping to move across on the 3rd or 4th of July. My friend also got the job which means me and him could end up flatting together which will be awesome.

We’ve spent the past 2 hours searching for a place to live, I ended up messaging about 15 or more different people with enquiries about their places they have available. So fingers crossed that I’ll find something soon.

Another thing going well for me in life, I have a new laptop, and it is absolutely amazing.   It’s so smooth to type on and I’m really excited to get started on gaming on it because for once I have a laptop that can handle gaming!!!!

It’s also exam week and I only have one exam left to go. It’s crazy to think how fast these past 6 months have gone by. I have had an incredible time here in Queenstown and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to study here.

I guess it’s time now to start booking my flights for the next leg of my journey. Melbourne is going to be one heck of an experience and well and truly is going push me way out of my comfort zone which will be really good for me. It’ll be difficult being so far away from my family,  but it’ll be good for me. This will be able to get me used to being away from family for after graduation when I’m hoping to do a Disney exchange opportunity that is available to New Zealanders and Australians. But I don’t need to worry about that until next year closer to when I’d actually be doing it.
And actually while typing out this post I have gotten a reply about one of the rooms available s hopefully if that goes ahead then I’ll have a flat!!!