Back in January on a pub crawl,  there was a really hot photographer guy that we’re going to call Jake. Well, Jake took me home via taxi, since he lived further up the hill from me. Now I thought that he had been flirting with me for the whole night. Turned out he’s just friendly and cheeky, and I tried to kiss him a goodbye kiss before I got out of the taxi. Later that night I discovered he was in fact engaged. I felt like shit and like a homewrecker.

In mid-March, they split up. So yeh that means he is single. Well, you see, for the past 2 weeks, him and I have been meeting up and town(clubbing) and hooked up a couple of times.
Things are at that point where he keeps complimenting me and he sends “x”s at the end of some of his messages and shit like that.

I’m scared, because what if I’m just a rebound? I also will be moving in about 2 months to go to Australia for 9 months. I don’t want to be falling for someone that I won’t be able to see for 9 months. I’m not a fan of Long Distance, that shit screws with my head mentally. And I also still don’t know the reason why he and his ex broke up, and it scares me slightly if it was my fault, I really hope it wasn’t.

Yet I know I am starting to fall for him slightly because he makes me happy.
I have a genuine smile around him, and I’m actually happy and away from troubles. Plus I feel safe with him. And I don’t feel that with heaps of people.

And to think this all started as a Drunken Accident…