I have a new project that I’m going to start working on. It’s making a scrapbook for my mum and dad. I’ve ordered the book I’m making it in, and I’ve got my parents on board so that can get me the pictures. They just don’t know the way that I’ll be putting it together it in the end.
Secretly it is an excuse for me to put my creative side to use again because it’s hard making collages and shit if I don’t know what to do it off or a theme for it either.

I’ll be able to post updates of pages and different little arty crafty things I’ve made for it on here. Hopefully, it’ll work out alright. The scrapbook will be like of my Mum and Dad from just before marriage up until the present.
So it should be alright, I’ll be printing out a shit load of photos for it, probably won’t even use all of them but that’ll be alright. I’m just excited to be able to start getting back into using my creative side.

Feature photo from: https://pixabay.com/p-1290348/?no_redirect