My first 3 months in Queenstown, I didn’t end up doing many, well any, of the walks around the area due to transport to the places. I shouldn’t really make excuses actually, it was more because I couldn’t be bothered, I always ended up doing something lazy like reading a book or watching Netflix. Occasionally I did something productive like study, but not as much as I would’ve like to. I have 3 months left until I’ll be off onto my internship, which is still to be confirmed where I’ll be. over that time I’m hoping on getting out a bit more. Doing things like walking up hills, going for a walk along the lakefront, going into town and watching some of the buskers. Things like such that don’t involve money but are still loads of fun.

I’ve also been started to think a lot more of my road trip I’m going to do across America in I’m hoping the year of 2020. 2020 has a ring to it I guess of being the year that I do my big roady. At the moment I’ll be looking to doing something like 3 months. Which is a long time, but not too long considering all I’ll be doing. At the moment I know I’ll be looking at a campervan. So I can just park up for a night somewhere. There’s still 3 years away, time to save money, and plan a rough route to travel along.  I wouldn’t plan day by dad, more just to end up at said city on such a day so I can reach the end point by the day I’m meant to leave.

Thinking about things like this make me really excited and put like a happy buzz inside me. I have well and truly caught the travel bug. And luckily for me, I’m more than happy exploring and doing adventures then paying to go to theme parks and such. I’m simple to please, except the travel part haha.

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