Some say it doesn’t work, but what part out of spending money and buying new things doesn’t make you happy. Yeah, I know the spending money part doesn’t seem that appetising but when you think of all the bargains you end up scoring, like a $10 dress that was originally priced $80.

Well, my student loan came in today and for the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to buy new clothing so I feel more comfortable next term, and have a bit of a new wardrobe to enjoy. I’ve stocked up to 10 items in my basket, totalling at $135. But here’s me not wanting to spend money at the same time. Which results in me asking all my friends if there’s something I really really don’t need in my basket. They were hopeless about it, considering one of them impulsed bought a diary for $60 and another a designer shirt for $70. I dont get that, I could never spend that amount of money on that one singular item. I jsut hate spending large sums of money.

I rang home before to talk to my mum so she can talk me out of buying some of the stuff on my shopping cart.  I know I’m meant to be adulting and should be able to make decisions like these on my own, sometimes I just need a little bit of guidance. I’ve only lived out of home for 3 months, I’m allowed to have some guidance haha.

Back on the topic of Retail Therapy, though. I especially like online shopping, untracked. Because someday your shopping will just arrive and be like a present to you from yourself. It’s a mini Christmas.

I’m ordered two books at the start of this month which should be at home waiting for me. One of them is the Rubi Kaur book – Milk and Honey – I’m so excited to be able to read it, I’ve heard so many amazing things about it, and I’ve been in quite a poems mood recently. I also ordered some makeup, and a few other things off of, it still hasn’t arrived and the tracking number doesn’t work for it. So I honestly have no idea where it is or when it will arrive. Hopefully, before I go back home, though because I got it sent to the lodge instead of home. That means I’ll be able to experiment around on it during my break holiday time.