It is exam week now. 3 months has been completed and I have finished term 1. 1/6 of my course is complete. so far the course seems pretty relaxing. However there two classes I’m not too confident about passing and I’m having quite high anxiety over. Once of them is Business Communications. I  failed the first speech which is what screwed me up in that class right from day one.  However thank god for it, even though I was so sick I lost my voice, I still managed to pass my second speech. I honestly don’t know how I passed considering the state that my voice was in.

Since my last post, I have been constantly sick. Went to the doctors twice, the second time was because the first time they didn’t do anything to help me and it just kept getting worse and worse. Thankfully now it is just a small cough and a stuffy nose.

I’ll be going home for next week. I’m quite excited to get back on my home turf since I haven’t gone home at all while I’ve been here. I’m hoping to do a lot of driving while I’m at home so that I can get my drivers license and then have my own car here. It’s better than having to rely on other people to drive me places all the time.

Luke, the guy I was with, he had to move away last weekend. I ended up falling a lot harder than I wanted to. But hey, if things are meant to happen, they will. Now just may not be the time for it. So looks like I’m a single pringle again which I’m not complaining about but I’m not enjoying either.

I’ve  moved the stuff in my room all around and it’s created so much more space than what I had earlier. It’s still such a cosy room, and it is confirmed on being the smallest room in the lodge. But do you know what? I actually don’t mind it being the smallest. It suits me, I make it work. I always fit into the space in which I am given. If I had a bigger room then I’d get more stuff to fit more in.

I guess I might call it a night then. The light is dark outside and the stars are starting to appear. Looks like it’ll be a cold night but a beautiful day tomorrow if the weather keeps up like this.
I  hope you are all well ❤ Thanks for reading!