This Friday night I’m going to the first concert that I would’ve  gone to for fun and not work since the 2012 Once Direction concert in Christchurch.
I’m super excited to be seeing Mt Eden… Even if I didn’t even really know who they were before I bought the tickets. I have since been listening to them like crazy, just pumping myself for this night. I have one of my friends going, I have her ticket she still needs to pay me for it. It may only be $15, but that’s 3 meals of food of me as a student, or even more if I went to the supermarket and cooked instead.

I know some people wouldn’t usually call this sort of thing a concert, but I’m calling it one.. even if they are DJ’s and using their computer and a mixing board to keep the party moving.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it through the whole night because it finishes at 3 am and starts at 8 pm…and her I am, a girl who usually goes to town at 10:30 and comes home before 1 am.  How am I going to survive? I will make it because I want to. Might buy myself a little spirits bottle so I can have a drink in the toilets instead of buying drinks all night to keep the buzz on.