This week for my college we have had shift week.  Which is a week of training in the industry,  in the front of a hotels restaurant with one shift a day for a whole week.  This includes 2 morning shifts,  1 bar shift,  and 2 dinner shifts. 

I still have my two dinner shifts to go but it’s been fun.  I’ve definitely learnt a lot more working in the hotel restaurant then what I would’ve learnt in the classroom. 

Luckily they haven’t had me doing polishing of plates for the whole time,  they’ve had me cleaning up tables,  setting them up,  pouring the coffee and tea for the guests and things like such. 

Last night my bar shift was so quiet that I didn’t get to pour a single drink, instead they sent me home early because there was quite literally nothing else to do. 

It’s been fun though,  I definitely rate this course.  May be expensive,  but isn’t all tertiary education  expensive?