This following week I’ll have lived away from home for a whole month. I have been enjoying this so much and my new town is honestly starting to feel more and more like home every single day.
I have gotten with a guy who seems like future boyfriend material and he is so frigging amazing. so sweet and his dimples!!! I will keep him nameless at the moment ❤

Our dining room looks right out over Lake Wakatipu,and the views are absolutely incredible!! Every single day, no matter what the weather is it’s always stunning and just orgasm worthy. It’s like nature porn if I’m too be honest. I’ll do a post of photos  later on as the photos are all on my phone and not laptop.
The people in my halls of residence are so friendly. There’s drama between a few of them but overall we’re just like one huge ass family.

There’s a long weekend coming up and most people I think are going home for it but I want to stay here and just relax really. There’s nothing to do back at home, and the friends here are better then the friends I have back at home.

I’m helping out with a colour run this Sunday, so that will be a fun way to recover from a hungover as Saturday night there’s a Hawaiian party at one of the clubs which I will not miss. I’m a girl who loves to dress up haha


Anyway I’ll try to keep you updated with what is happening, and before I leave. Yesterday we did our first assessment which was a speech, and I completely failed it man. I got a 43% which sucks ass but oh well. it happened. I’ll just have to try make up that %7 percent through other assessments in that paper.