I’ve recently gotten back into gaming, I know what a surprise. I even surprised myself.
I’ve owned Dead Island for quite some time now but I’ve never gotten around to downloading it and actually playing it. I’d heard things about it being really buggy and shit. But you know what? For a zombie game, I quite like it.
Yes I do end up dying a lot and I run out of bullets frequently, but I’m enjoying it and that’s what matters right? I don’t play games for competition, I play for the fun.

I’ve had a couple jump scares where a zombie pops out of nowhere and starts attacking me, but soon after I start laughing at my idiocy of getting a jump scare.
The occasional glitch in the game gives something to laugh about. But there definitely isn’t as many as what people say there is.

My weapon of choice would have to be the machete. I use it so much I end up spending all my money on repairing it constantly hahahaha.

Also there’s loads of achievements that you can work to complete which can be a fun mission for you.