Earlier on in the year I posted my bucket list to do this year. I haven’t done as much as what I’d like to have done, I’ve been super busy with other things that obviously weren’t as important if I can’t recall them anymore.
I’ve crossed off on the list the things that I have done, in my hand written journal I have written a small thing for the ones i have crossed off, and I kinda expanded on the list a bit more too by adding more in and taking a few out. But this one below is the same from the one earlier, and in the future I’ll be writing about what I did to check them off.

The ~Senior Year ~ Bucket List

  1. Go on a road trip
  2. Go to the school ball/prom
  3. Go on a date
  4. Do something crazy that I’ve never done before
  5. Go to a concert
  6. Prepare for next year
  7. Go clubbing
  8. Have a sick 18th Birthday Party | A night to remember
  9. High School Classics movie marathon
  10. Go over the top with outfits during Spirit Week (It’s a thing at my school that you may not have at your school)
  11. Make Some new Friends
  12. Get Restricted (Being able to drive by myself, instead of with a parent)
  13. Kiss in the rain
  14. Merit Endorsement (I think equivelent to a B average? )
  15. Skydive or Bungee Jump
  16. Random cute notes in a library book
  17. Travel overseas
  18. Achieve something significantly
  19. Volunteer somewhere
  20. Go on a tramp
  21. Redecorate bedroom for the last time
  22. Write a song or poem
  23. Backstage Crew for school production (Couldn’t end up completing this as my school didn’t do a production this year)
  24. Write a nice thing in a bathroom stall
  25. Dye hair a different colour
  26. Do something crazy after the school ball/prom
  27. Get a tattoo – Or in depth plan it
  28. Stand at peak of Mt.Luxmore
  29. Further improve music taste
  30. Swim under a waterfall
  31. Giant sleepover
  32. Read a book in a week
  33. Swim in the rain
  34. Camp with friends
  35. Jump off wharf
  36. Mini Golfing in town
  37. Go to the gym
  38. Start a new sport
  39. Jump into the pool with clothes on
  40. Watch a rugby game
  41. Take pictures of everything
  42. Have a proper Boyfriend
  43. Keep in Contact with Australian Friends
  44. Kiss or be kissed.. Like full on proper kiss
  45. Finish a cosplay
  46. Sneak out of the house
  47. Get High ~ Naughty Naughty 😉
  48. Lose virginity ~ Yes haha I’m such a loser :’)
  49. Go to a club with friends
  50. Fall in love ❤

    Now I know I’m such a  loser with some of those me not having done, but at least I’m saving myself for someone that I care about instead of wasting it on the first person I see. I try to say I don’t care about it but deep down I know I do. If I didn’t care about it then I would’ve done it already.