So a wee while ago now  I was in Ho Chi Minh City /// Saigon, in the southern region of Vietnam. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to spend a week there.
My whole family went there and it was honestly the best time that I’d had in a  long time. I hadn’t truly felt happy in a while and it felt nice to be able to smile and mean it.
I tried many different foods that I hadn’t tried before, and I was craving all the tropicals fruit, just another served I’d eat (except seafood, I’m not a big fan on seafood).

I tried different beverages there too, like a bubblegum flavoured cocktail. Now that was tasty, very sweet, but absolutely delicious.

On of my favourite highlights was actually just walking around, even though I was very hot, it was just nice being able to walk around see all the stalls at the side of the road, the different shops, all the traffic on the road, the different plants and trees, the buildings. Just everything over there was so very different then anything I’d ever seen before and I can’t wait to return someday.

Most of the photos I got were from when we went of a tour on the river and had lunch a village sort of place.