I’ve recently completed my application to get into the college for next year. It was a long torturous process but I got there in the end. The part that took the longest was the CV. updating and proofreading my CV took over a day to complete day, thanks to my high level skill of procrastinating.

My recommendation is to do your CV, don’t stop working on it. Let it sit for an hour or two while you try to think of more ideas, ask your family for ideas to put on it. But don’t procrastinate finishing it.

On the bright side, I did end up catching up to Game Of Thrones… 10 episodes in 2 days .. Oops…. Honestly though, Game Of Thrones got me so angry. It is the perfect show to be writing opinionated blog pieces for.  I will write one sooner rather than later.

Back to Applications. I am sending mine away later on today so I’m bit nervous about what the reply will be, on whether on not I get a spot on the preferred intact I’m applying for.  I’m losing sleep over this and many other things that I won’t bore you over.


Have you guys applied for anything recently? Comment to feature in an upcoming blog post. (:


Thanks for reading, have a lovely day.