I look up at the sky and I breath. One massive deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth. It’s where I want to be, up high and on a plane flying over the world. Seeing all the dips and rises of the land from above. Sitting just above the clouds with the sun setting or rising and being able to see all of the beautiful colours shining onto the big fluffy white sheep wool that somehow miraculously floats in the sky.

To be completely honest, I’m scared.. I’m scared to leave the nest, my sanctuary. The place I call home. Once I’ve left I’ll be leaving everything I have done of importance and everyone I know behind. I’ll be moving to a new place where I won’t be known. Where everything that I’ve done in my home community will feel useless and like nothing. Because who would actually care that I’ve been a cub leader for the past 2 years? 
I think this is why I want to keep travelling, so I’ve forever got that feeling of being nothing instead of settling down again.

I don’t know how it will go next year, it’s nearly 6 months until it happens. What if it goes terribly? Terribly wrong or terribly right? Two different words reaching both ends of the scale.
It’s not very long away and I’m nervous, and scared.

If anybody has words of advice to give for somebody that is completely clueless then please comment and I’ll feature you in an upcoming post.

If anybody is looking at doing a collaboration piece then feel free to comment too 😀 I’m wanting to build my blogging family to be bigger.

Thanks for reading, sorry that I’m not posting much, I’ve been having some writer’s block.