is the all new rager! It’s the snake version of and instead of eating people up, you can’t bump into other snakes. If you bump into another snake then you die, and they can eat the stuff you leave behind.

I first played this game 4 days ago, and am addicted. It a mind blobbing game that is great for study breaks. My current high score on the game is 12469.1, here’s the proof if you don’t believe me;

Down side of the game is I lag out sometimes, however this could just be my internet. Overall the graphics are decent considering the game it is.

One tip I have, and that’s to only  be aggressive when you are still small. so under 3000 size, and then above that play safe.  Only attempt to catch the snakes that you think you can catch, don’t be cocky and try and get every snake in your path.


Highly recommend that you try it out, you can find it here;


Thanks for reading (: Have a lovely day