Sometimes when I look up to the sky, I wish that I could fly. So that I could fly far, far far away  from here. I want to be free, I will be free one day. One day…. That could be tomorrow, next year, or even in 10 years time. That one day I can’t wait for.
When I’m free, flying around the globe. I’ll be travelling with nothing but my tamping pack, some sturdy shoes and some money. I want to start in the United Kingdom, and head across all of Europe then travel across some of Asia. Then I’d fly to Canada, and walk down America and around to part of South America.
I have lots of dreams, but one dream I know for sure I’ll make sure to happen in my life is my travel dream. To visit all the continents in the world, well maybe not Antarctica, My brother has done that so he can check that off for me :’)

Ride an elephant bareback through part of a jungle, a safari in Africa, seeing a real life panda, Standing on the Eiffel tower, in front of Buckingham Palace, or in front of the Lincoln statue in Washington DC. Then there’s the Taj Mahal, Great pyramids of egypt, all of the amazing castles scattered over Ireland, Scotland, France etc, There’s the Niagara falls, the Amazon forest. The ever growing list of places to go and things to do around the world that I want to accomplish at some stage of my life.

To reach this goal, step one is money, and to get money I need a job first. So after my 2 years of tertiary study of Hospitality starting from January next year, I’ll be able to start my dream with hopefully working over seas in Hotels around the world.

I don’t think it’ll be too far away to when I’m able to fly free and be who I truly am. My first step in discovering me and starting my true adventures of life will start next year when I move away from home. I’m so excited I’m almost counting down the days.