At the start of this year, I bought myself a journal and wrote 50 things for a Senior Year Bucket List.  I’ve decided to share this bucket list with you so that I can keep you up to date with when I check things off of the list.
This is a great thing to do to make sure you keep your Senior Year at school full of firsts, as there’s so many things being done this year that will be the last time you ever have to do them.

The ~Senior Year ~ Bucket List

  1. Go on a road trip
  2. Go to the school ball/prom
  3. Go on a date
  4. Do something crazy that I’ve never done before
  5. Go to a concert
  6. Prepare for next year
  7. Go clubbing
  8. Have a sick 18th Birthday Party | A night to remember
  9. High School Classics movie marathon
  10. Go over the top with outfits during Spirit Week (It’s a thing at my school that you may not have at your school)
  11. Make Some new Friends
  12. Get Restricted (Being able to drive by myself, instead of with a parent)
  13. Kiss in the rain
  14. Merit Endorsement (I think equivelent to a B average? )
  15. Skydive or Bungee Jump
  16. Random cute notes in a library book
  17. Travel overseas
  18. Achieve something significantly
  19. Volunteer somewhere
  20. Go on a tramp
  21. Redecorate bedroom for the last time
  22. Write a song or poem
  23. Backstage Crew for school production
  24. Write a nice thing in a bathroom stall
  25. Dye hair a different colour
  26. Do something crazy after the school ball/prom
  27. Get a tattoo – Or in depth plan it
  28. Stand at peak of Mt.Luxmore
  29. Further improve music taste
  30. Swim under a waterfall
  31. Giant sleepover
  32. Read a book in a week
  33. Swim in the rain
  34. Camp with friends
  35. Jump off wharf
  36. Mini Golfing in town
  37. Go to the gym
  38. Start a new sport
  39. Jump into the pool with clothes on
  40. Watch a rugby game
  41. Take pictures of everything
  42. Have a proper Boyfriend
  43. Keep in Contact with Australian Friends
  44. Kiss or be kissed.. Like full on proper kiss
  45. Finish a cosplay
  46. Sneak out of the house
  47. Get High ~ Naughty Naughty 😉
  48. Lose virginity ~ Yes haha I’m such a loser :’)
  49. Go to a club with friend
  50. Fall in love ❤


Now I know I ain’t going to be finishing this list completely, but there’s open questions , like the photos that I can work on throughout the whole year. and then the ones like Sky dive or bungee jump that I’d probably only do once during the year. But I can tell you now, It’s 5 months into the year and I can’t wait for school to be over, but it’s still already been such an amazing year.  So many memories will be created this year, memories that I’ll forever hold in my heart ❤


Thanks for reading (: