Okay, so here we go, game review on Geometry Dash. One of the best games in your life for wasting time in and getting annoyed at and making you get addicted quickly.
This game is going to waste your time because, well, plainly you’re going to fail at the game to start off with, and you will see youtube videos on it or know how well your friends are doing in the game and then you’re going to want to be better than them, or at least get up to the same point as them. This may take a while, depending on how long it takes.
You will get annoyed at this game because you will realize that it is difficult and you can only pass the easy levels and then the intermediate ones actually require practice.
In my case, I play games for the achievements and something to do in between study breaks. That’s what I like about this game. You can quickly go into it, do a few rounds, then go back to study or whatever you were doing before hand.

I recommend this game 4/5 , its a good game for what it is and I enjoy it. It sets a good mission for completing the levels and beating your friends at it.