This edition of Trouble Tuesday is about self management for exams. It’s a trouble for me at the moment mainly because I have so much going on in my life that I can’t seem to be finding enough time to do all of my school work. This is a huge struggle considering that my school exams come up in 2 weeks time, and then my final exams are in 5 weeks.
So not finishing off my school work is a bit of an issue. I usually end up putting off my work to do in the weekends, but since before August I’ve only had one weekend at home. So this is what made me start to fall behind in the first place.

Here’s three tips in order to help you be better at self management of getting all of your work done.
1. Time Management— Organize how much time you spend doing said thing, try to not go for too long on one thing and change subjects regularly to clear your mind.
2. Don’t Procrastinate!!!!— I’m one of the queens at procrastination in this world and I will tell you now that it is possibly one of the worst things to do in this world. Don’t put off your work, its harder to do the longer you put it off. Just Do It!
3. Turn off social media— Turn off your phone, don’t open up Facebook, twitter, WordPress, or any other site or app that can be used for you to distract your mind. You can use these in your breaks, but don’t use them constantly. If you keep them open then whenever you get a notification you will be wanting to open the message and then reply. Just tell your friends that you are doing some study/work and that you can’t talk at the moment.

If you have exams coming up, make sure you have your notes organized. This can make studying a heck of a lot easier.

Speaking of procrastination however, I’ve written this post because I am procrastinating at the moment which isn’t a good idea, so I shall be keeping this post short and will get back to later on (: