I’m not too sure if you guys will know of this game of not, basically its a 2D version of Minecraft. However there are features that make this game ever so better then Minecraft, like the fact you can travel your gear between worlds, have multiple characters. I could just be biased about this topic however since most of my gaming friends play Terraria, not Minecraft.

In Terraria there is so many different things you can do, you can build your mansion of a house to house the NPC’s as they load into the world, once you’ve unlocked them. You can do the quests given to you from certain NPC’s. Give your self goals, like kill all of different type of slime’s, and bosses, zombies, and more.

If people want to compare Mine craft and Terraria together, lets just put it this way. Minecraft is for creative mood to build giant penises out of gold blocks, or something sensible but just as pointless. Minecraft does have survival mode but that is stupid and pointless and most of all– BORING!

Terraria is all about exploring the whole map out, completing all for the Steam achievements, exploring the underground caves, tunnels, minetracks ect ect ect.
There is so much more you can do in Terraria, and it constantly gets better and better. And come on, you guys have to mod Minecraft to have fun in it. You don’t need to mod Terraria because it is already got enough in it. The 2D texture makes gives it a brilliant classic 16 bit game texture, classic game feel to it. Which honestly, I do prefer.

Basically, play Terraria, stack up the 100 hours, and complete the game. So much to do. ❤