Last weekend I went on a leadership camp, I have to go to two of these camps in order to get my Queen Scout, which I am currently working  towards.
All of the people that I know that have been on one of these before have all said that it’s terrible, and boring, and a chance to catch up on sleep. But then I go along on one and it instantly becomes fun, exciting, not boring, adventurous.
I made some new friends, even have a new squad, ft Natalya, Lyndon, Marcus and Matthew.  They are all really cool, and I’m glad I got to meet them, or for Lyndon’s case, see him again.
In between the talks the squad went out for walks, explored the area around the camp site. On the Saturday night we walked up to the cellphone reception tower, however I unfortunately didn’t get any reception up there.  We walked back down, less than half way, and sat around a massive tree for about an hour. We just chilled there, doing nothing but eating food, looking through the pictures on Lyndon’s phone, and just, chilled. It was quite nice, I haven’t done that sort of thing in a while and I really enjoyed it.
We also all slept in the same tent, somehow managed to fit all 5 of us into a 4 man tent, and Lyndon himself took up about half of the tent. It was a squeeze, but was surprisingly comfy too.
Oh and during the day of the Saturday, me and most of the lads, walked up to the forestry land and played some cricket, and just explored. It was quite adventurous to be honest. Marcus and Natalya stayed to the bottom of the forestry land while Marcus jumped off shit.

It snowed on the Sunday, didn’t settle, just fell. We all said out goodbyes, camp finished early so it was just Me, Marcus and a few others that I didn’t know too well, that stayed until the time that we were actually meant to finish.

Since the weekend, I have managed the motel for my dad, since he was away on a business meeting, as per usual. I’ve also done quite a bit of Terraria as its such a  nice and easy game to quickly open and play half an hour of, or ten mins of, in between doing school work.

Today is also the day that marks the one week left of me having hair on my head. I’m nervous about getting it shaved but excited at the same time. I feel like I’m actually doing something that could help change someones life, or even just make someones life a little bit better when they are in a shitty situation.

This weekend is going to be my first weekend at home, since before August. So I’m quite excited to finally be able to get a sleep in. Although I’m hoping to organize for my friends to go on an adventure with me somewhere, other wise I’ll just do it by myself. I’m motivated to get out of my bedroom and do something for a change.

Aside from adventuring however, I am considering doing a live stream of Terraria soon, I might do a short one after school today, and a longer one in the weekend. I’ll get my parents to go out for a meal so I can have the house to myself or something wicked like that.

Before I start rambling on for too long, this is Skinny Loverr, thank you all for reading,
Over And Out xx