This month of August has been quite packed full for me. I started it off with a ten day voyage on the Spirit of New Zealand. This voyage was absolutely breathtaking and I cant recommend it more to anyone who is given the opportunity to go.

Then I’ve also had my birthday, I turned 17, and my parents seem to have feed my Game Of Thrones addiction by getting me a Targaryen necklace, Dothraki language book with disk, Game Of Thrones themed monopoly, plus a Cersei figurine. I got a few other things as well, but the Game Of Thrones seemed to be the highlight out of them.

I was also in a competition called Cover Girl, well actually I’m still in it. with over 300 contestants I made the top 30 with the most likes on the picture on Facebook, and now since I’m in round 2 the judges have to pick their top 6 and then interviews and then the shopping spree for the overall winner.

August 2015 was also the month that I finally started this blog up.

I slept in a snow cave for the first time ever. This was an absolutely amazing experience and I would love to do it again some day. i highly recommend this too anyone who would want to do it in the future someday.

On the 11th was my one month with my wonderful and amazing Boyfriend. Long distance is an absolute bitch but he is worth it ^-^

Oh I cant forget, My school had Spirit week, I did a post on that so if you want to read about it just scroll down.

I apologize for posting this up a few days late, I’ve been crammed up with school work and I haven’t found much spare time for out of school things to do.

Have a lovely day you amazing people (: I’ll try get a -Fucking Fabulous Friday- post up by the end of the day ❤