I saw this post while I was scrolling on Tumblr the other day and I couldn’t agree more to it. Mini essays on Tumblr are great because I always become opinionated about them. Something like this when someone thinks you cant do -said- thing, just because you are a girl in such bullshit. Excuse my language here but its utter bullocks. I’m sure you guys would’ve heard of Scouts right? Well it was first formed in February 1910. Back then it was called Boy scouts. Today, around the world there are still places that its still for boys, and only boys. No girls aloud, because girls shouldn’t be tying notes, and doing adventures and all these Boy-like things that you do at scouts.
Well in 1987, here in New Zealand, Girls were officiously allowed to join Scouting. Now you’re probably wondering why I’m using Scouting as an example, but its because I’m a Venture(The older version of Scout), and I’ve been in the scouting movement since i can remember, right from the start when I was a little kid my parents have had me involved. I have been one of the few girls that have stayed with doing it right through, which isn’t very common. When I go on camps, i usually end up with the job of cooking the food, while the guys put together the tents and bivees(I can’t spell). However I hate cooking, just because I’m the female doesn’t mean that I should be the one cooking. i like putting tents up and bivees. If anything I’m actually good at doing that.

So yeh, I’m not sure if this post has made any sense what so ever, but I’m working on it ❤
If you’re a male, and you think its a male job, don’t tell the girl that, if she wants to do it, let her at least even give it a try. Offer your help possibly? But if she declines your help, don’t persist in helping. It will sound like you don’t think she can do it.