First of all, I’d like to apologize for not doing my “Fucking Fabulous Friday” post last Friday. I was busy packing all afternoon as I was snow caving and skiing for the weekend. Speaking of which, my first time snow caving went amazing!! It’s such a  great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone that gets the opportunity. Second, Skiing, I wiped out twice in total, the second time caused me to walk half way down the slope, which took like 10 minuets or so. I bent my knee in a way it shouldn’t have bent and it hurt quite a bit, still does in fact. But it was amazing! I haven’t being skiing in a few years time and I love it.

So that’s the Marvelous weekend that I have had, but this is a Marvelous Monday because it’s the start to a very good week!
This week is my schools spirit week, so each day of the week we have a theme to dress up to, if you don’t dress up, you got to wear school uniform, so its worth dressing up.
Today I had to dress up like an animal, so I dressed up as a leopard, with leopard spots galore. xD
Tomorrow is Cross Dress day, and I will be dressing up as an Old Man named Ron,. Wednesday is House colour day, my house is the green house so I’ve got to dress up in green, a.k.a Tinkerbell dress with school green tights. Thursday is Character day, I’m still stuck on what I’ll be dressing as for that day, Ahhh help me!!!!
Friday is pajama day, however I get the day off school as I’ll be in Dunedin. Reason for that is because I’ll have no other way to get to Oamaru the following day for the granddads 80th birthday party.
I’m really excited as 80 is not a number that heaps of people to to reach in their life time.

Anyway I’m considering doing an opinionated blog post soon, any ideas on topics? Just comment (:
Thanks lovelies for reading,
Skinny Loverr, Over and Out ❤