This is my first entry for Trouble Tuesday. I’m calling this a Trouble Tuesday because I’m going to be talking about a little trouble I have going on at the moment. I apologize if I end up ranting, I’ll try not to rant.
I’m not sure if you guys have experienced small classes at school, but one of my classes only has 11 people including me. So when someone talks, everybody can hear it. This means that when people are gossiping you know they are gossiping. And you know they are gossiping about you when they keep flicking their eyes at you.
If I got a dollar for every time that has happened to me, I’d be quite rich. The thing is, they are good at whispering so I can never know what they are talking about. If I had the guts I’d just call out to them and be like, “What are you talking about?”, but I know they’ll be like, “It’s none of your business”.

Isn’t it part of my business if they are talking about me though? I don’t care if they talk about me, or if they don’t like me. All I want to know is, what is their deal, what do they talk about and why?

So basically gossiping in class right in front of the person they are gossiping about. Great fun xD So much sense!
Anyway i need to get back to my school work, I’ll be back on Friday with a “Fucking Fabbulous Friday”

This is Skinny Loverr, Over and Out ❤